Free Appraisals in May

At Builders Capital we want to deliver as many smiles as possible during the lending experience.

That is why we are offering Free Appraisals for the month of May!

Leveraging this opportunity is simple.

Builders Capital May Savings

Borrowers will pay for the appraisal in advance, as usual, and if the loan closes and funds in May, Builders Capital will provide a borrower credit on the loan statement for appraisal fees.

Appraisal Credit is limited to $700 per property

Note – If the loan originates after May 31st, the appraisal credit will be void and will not be applicable.

A free appraisal is guaranteed to bring a smile! 

A Note Regarding Stacking Promotions

  • Free Appraisals and May Rebates can be combined.
  • Lightspeed into Savings and Free Appraisals can be combined.
  • Lightspeed into Savings and May Rebates cannot be combined. 

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