Curt Altig, CEO of Builder’s Capital, on Why Homebuilders Choose Us


Led by a team of partners who share an entrepreneurial vision, Builders Capital was started in 2009 to address the growing need of builders and real estate investors to attain private financing. We are mortgage bankers, builders, construction lenders, realtors, and accountants. At Builders Capital, your success is our success.

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Curt Altig, CEO of Builder's Capital

Curt Altig

Chief Executive Officer

As the company’s Founder, Curt Altig brings a deep passion for the home building industry to everything he touches at Builders Capital. His two decades as an executive with respected major mortgage bankers prepared him well for the launch of Builders Capital in 2009.

Mr. Altig has assembled and inspired a world class leadership team devoted to helping our home builder clients succeed at every level. His current leadership goals are the deliberate and successful launches in new markets, as well as creating new products and services that can reduce risks and increase profitability of clients in all sectors of home building.

Mr. Altig is a current board member of Liberty Road Foundation and a graduate of the University of Washington.

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At Builders Capital, we see ourselves as your partners. We want to help you meet your construction goals, and to us, that process starts with exceeding your expectations. Builders Capital provides a full range of competitive loan programs for builders, developers, and real estate investors. Our team of financing gurus and real estate experts are here to create customized loans based on your individual needs. It’s why we’ve earned a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and competitive lenders on the market. Don’t waste time waiting for banks to process loans. Fund your projects and borrow the smart way by partnering with Builders Capital.

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